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Machine-generated digest

Your very own daily digest of the important things in your team's channels, chosen by the Digest.AI engine.

Direct to you

Choose between receiving direct messages or emails, or both, whatever suits your needs best.

Digests or Full Logs

Receive a digest of your conversations or choose to see the entire log in your email inbox.

Summary of links

Get a handy collection of all the interesting links shared by your team in the day for quick review.

On-demand digests

Simply click a button in Slack to get the latest digest of your team's conversations in the last day.

8 a.m. your timezone

Get your daily digest at 8 a.m. every day, in your timezone, whenever there's activity in your team.

Easy to use

One click to get started, manage settings and invite team members to join in to get digests too.

Designed for your day

With convenient deeplinks to your channels, a quote of the day and more, it starts your day right.

Start focusing on what's important now!

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