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We're building the world's best summarization AI engine to help everyone deal with information overload.
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A global team focused on summarization

Since the Digest.AI team started working 2 years ago, we've spent our time obsessing over productivity and customer engagement solutions, building products that touch millions of users.

Coming to the realization that the new and exploding channels of communication are causing a serious information overload problem, we decided to put all our technical and NLP knowledge into helping you focus on what matters.

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Why is summarization important?

Most of the time, people are only interested in the main points that they need to do something. Especially at work, there are many times you probably thought, "Get to the point already!" Our summarization technology is made to create these moments of clarity, quickly and effectively, so you can get back to doing the things you need to do with that understanding.

Summarization is a superpower that will enable you to make most effective decisions in the shortest time possible. It also helps your team have greater transparency across the board.

Future applications of summarization?

  • Support tickets
  • Meeting transcripts
  • Technical documents
  • Exploratory research


conversations analyzed.


digests sent.


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