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Digest.Ai helps you digest your text data and make sense of them for real business ROI and results

Digest.AI sends you an email or DM digest from the tools you know and love.

Get a daily digest of the most important insights in your Slack team, right in your inbox.

Digest.AI analyzes your conversations and gives you a summary report of what's most important and relevant for you, so you never miss out again even if you're not on Slack all day.

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Digest.AI analyzes your Zendesk support tickets and ensures that the top issues and trends are highlighted daily, and compare them over time.

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Digest.AI analyzes your Service Cloud support tickets and ensures that the top issues and trends are highlighted daily, and compare them over time.

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Join these great companies, agencies, communities, universities and non-profits.

Adobe Digital team uses Digest.AI to make sense of their Slack conversations every day
Deloitte Digital relies on Slack Digests from Digest.AI to keep their team updated on what's happening in Slack
Sprout Social has Digest.AI to help them summarize important things going on in their conversations
Dentsu Digital makes use of Digest.AI to help the team stay on the same page as they grow and engage more customers
Madison Reed installed Digest in their Slack channels to help them stay on top of internal team conversations around customers and campaigns
Florida State University uses Digest.AI technology to understand discussions within their stellar librarian team

Ansible has Digest.AI work on helping them decipher the important parts of their communications and summarize them for easy consumption
Tamr boosts transparency within the team by sending digests to even those team members not around or involved in everything with Digest.AI
Topcoder optimizes the way they run lessons and competitions by having crystal clear insights into their problems, trends and other issues
Toptal helps more people get hired well through using Digest.AI to understand what else they need to do
Insights from Digest.AI helps TravelBird offer more compelling value to their esteemed customers
DonorsChoose expands their impact on education and classroom engagement through using KeyReply to find hidden insights and improve their efforts to help kids
Digest.AI understands what is important to you and only surfaces the right insights that will help you do your job better

You only receive what really matters

From conversations about your products, to customer support and news (and even water cooler gossip!) you only get the most important details, without the information overload.

Simply sit back and let Digest.AI's summarization engine figure out what you need to know, and keep you updated quickly and easily.

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Digest.AI personalizes your digests based on your preferences and needs, so you get those relevant to help you get ahead and improve results

Tailored specially to your needs

Digest.AI will learn what you're truly interested in and surface what you'll like to know about most, as you give it feedback.

Not all information is critical to everyone, so Digest.AI only brings those that it believes will help you most, to your attention.

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Digest.AI is built on world-class summarization technology that builds a knowledge graph of your company over time and improves it digest performance

Better summaries over time with deep learning

The proprietary understanding and summarization engine powering Digest.AI will learn and improve over time with more data, and when you tell it what you like.

With ongoing improvements based on very deep neural networks, Digest.AI will be able to pull up more and more accurate summaries for you.

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Digest.AI helps to get your team together by showing you the things that other people are working on and save you the need to spend too much time understanding what's happening with others

Get everyone on the same page

Have all your team members on board with what you're doing, even if they aren't involved in all the conversations.

Digest.AI sends quick updates to the people you work with for greater transparency and cooperation across the team, whatever you're working on.

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3 easy steps to get your very own daily digest.

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Choose from our connectors and integrate the data sources your team uses.

Get digests of relevant insights

Sit back and get a daily digest of the most important issues and updates for your attention.

Share your feedback

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Our data protection pledge: Your data is yours to keep.

What data do you store?

We only keep a record of your account so we know who to send digests to. Your messages are only pulled for temporary processing and never stored after your digests are sent.

Do you use humans to digest data?

No, everything is done by the machine and nobody is allowed to look at your data in any way.

How do you protect my data?

We have strict controls over administrative, electronic and physical protection of our resources. We also encrypt all information exchanged with your tools through secure SSL connections.

Do you retain any personal information?

We do not store any messages, and will only retain your information such as email addresses, while you are a user and within a reasonable timeframe after termination of your account (just in case you want to come back!)

Do you sell my data in any way?

Of course not. We take your privacy and data security extremely seriously and will never give your personal details away.

How do you decide what's important in my digest?

We have trained on big corpora of texts from communities to identify important messages and action items. Your role and reaction to digests will also factor in as your digests improve over time.

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